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January 18th, 2009]
in case anyone missed it, i moved journals.
you can find me at jocelyninthesky

lots of things have changed since this journal began.
it's the end of an era, so i'm keeping it for memories :)

October 20th, 2008]


Event Name: Spanning the Bridge for Obama

Description: Similar to events across the country, join hundreds of woman and men waving signs and wearing Obama related clothes to support Obama. We could meet at Lashley Park at noon this Sunday, Oct. 26th. BRING SIGNS if possible, children, family, friends and enthusiasm. We'll walk the bridge. If we have enough participation we can also have people start the walk at the Gilchrist side of the bridge. We have 6 days to organize this. Let's show our support!

Time: Sunday, October 26 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Host: Marla Carson

Contact Phone: 941-628-2392

Location: Lashley Park (Punta Gorda, FL)
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Directions: SR-17 to North Bound 41 turn right to base of bridge. Parking towards courthouse, or accross at the old City Marketplace parking lot

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!
Remember, McCain = four more years of the SAME!
And God forbid anything happenen to him, look what we have as only a heartbeat away from the White House! Doesn't that terrify you!? SO GET OUT WITH ME ON SUNDAY AND PROMOTE THE CHANGE THIS COUNTRY NEEDS!!!

005 CMNT!

I don't know how many of you are aware of this, [Sunday
June 22nd, 2008]
but giving a child in need healthcare, helping shelter animals, feeding the hungry, etc. is as easy as making a single click per day. At first, I actually didn't realize all you had to do was CLICK. It's really that simple.

The Animal Rescue Site

The Rainforest Site

The Literacy Site

The Child Health Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Hunger Site

Or if you want to do more than one at once, you can just go HERE and click the tabs at the top of the page.

Help end world hunger
Or, if you have some time you want to kill, you can enrich your vocabulary as well as put food in the mouths of hungry people. For each word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice. May not seem like a lot, but it really adds up!

It really is that easy to help those in need.
I figured I'd share just in case not everyone knew about these great sites.

003 CMNT!

April 13th, 2008]
[ mood | numb ]


If you have a heart, you will do something.
I'm literally sick to my stomach from seeing this.

0011 CMNT!

July 3rd, 2005]
from this point forward, all my posts are going to be:

- comment on this post if you want to stay.
- or if you want to be added.
- do not ask to be my friend, or stay as my friend if you
- if you do not comment on this post, ill delete you.

im sick of random people leaving useless comments.

so speak now, or forever hold your peace.

00103 CMNT!

June 28th, 2005]
[ mood | apathetic ]

ive given up on the human race entirely.

0011 CMNT!

yep, yup, mmmmmmhm. [Monday
June 6th, 2005]
[ mood | indescribable ]

+ i have to call work and call off because i am sick.
- im sick. thanks to my uterus. DAMN YOU.
- driving class is drawn out and boring.
+ victor and mike are there with me and the instructor seems decent. although hes rather slow.
- siblings are going away to band camp. hmph.
+ the siblings and me and laurie are gonna go see star wars III. cause were cool like that.
+ either today or tomorrow i hang out with victor and marcelo. HOORAY!
-/+ i may possibly be quitting my job for the summer
[ - no money / + more free time ]

+ i saved 15% by switching to geico!
- but i really didnt...

002 CMNT!

when i close my eyes, its you i see. [Sunday
June 5th, 2005]
[ mood | sick ]

i hate how i never feel like updating. i told myself 'ill always keep up with my livejournal so when im bored with my adult life i can look back at all the stupid things i did and make myself happy. but i dont feel like doing ANYTHING anymore. can you have a midlife crisis, before midlife? hmm.

anyway, this weekend was fun, but at the same time, it sucked. i loved spending some just me and my mom time with my mom, and hanging out and bonding with jessica and jason. jessica and i really got some good time to hang out. i have pictures, but i dont feel like posting them. maybe i will in a minute.

bruce was horrible the whole trip and i wanted to either cry or kill myself at least three times a day thanks to him. i also had the worst stomach cramps ive had in forever, and i didnt eat, and then because of that i felt like was going to throw up. ALL WEEKEND. nice, huh?

at the moment im aggravated at a certain number of things. my main aggravation is that i dont want this summer to just slip away. i want to actually do things, and spend time with people. furthermore, im being FORCED to eat red meat [steak] for dinner, and i swore i told my family im going vegetarian. i really need to go to target and get some hot boxers that i saw. haha. i love buying boxers.

while i was gone, all but two of my many packages came in! yay! oh god, careful jocelyn, dont be too excited or youll throw up everywhere. anyway, i got my darth vader shirt in, and its by far the coolest shirt i own. i shall wear it on the first day back to school. if ive said it once, ive said it a thousand times. I WIN AT LIFE.

k, im done updating. ill just post the frickin pictures to keep you all happy. and cause vic and marcelo want to see them. mainly thats the only reason im doing it, is cause i love them both dearly and stuff. and i cant wait to hang out with them. my heart is totally with the both of them.

pictures. hmmph.Collapse )

007 CMNT!

bye! [Friday
June 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | ditzy ]

so im off to clearwater for the weekend.

we leave in about a half hour.

will you all miss me?

008 CMNT!

suddenly im in a really bad mood... hm. [Thursday
June 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so summer hasnt gotten off to a very exciting start. the first two days of summer holiday i worked. fun, right? no. then tuesday, wednesday, and today have been so rainy that it would be impossible to do anything. this makes me angry. at least ive had time to get my room tidied up. its needed that in the worst way. and ive watched quite a few films while sitting around.

next week from monday through thursday, i have a morning driving academy course. afterwards ill finally be getting my liscense. i should have gotten it nearly two years ago. im so lazy. frankly im not all that excited. jessicas pretty excited though. i promised her that sometime in the weeks that follow, ill take her and jason to the cinema, and perhaps the mall and lunch? getting away from the house will be a benefit. truly. regardless, i get my license soon. and i think victor is doing it with me. should be fun.

all of today ive spent with my grandparents and doing stuff for my mom around the house. she wants me to do more laundry. yay. and i have to get packed, because were going to st. pete tomorrow. another yay. im not too big on family adventures. things tend to go wrong, and screaming matches tend to occur. and then i have work tonight. im dreading it. last night was slow. im really beginning to hate my job. hmph.

i have to pee. good day to you.

007 CMNT!

POOP PROBLEMS?! [Wednesday
June 1st, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

under some long consideration, ive realized that marcelo and i are fecopheliacs. and ive also realized that its victors fault because he always has to poop. anyway. i found these convos funny.

convos with vic and marceloCollapse )

yes, to answer any and all questions, we DO win at life.
and we DO own your mom. kthx, thats it.

004 CMNT!

i love short entries. [Tuesday
May 31st, 2005]
[ mood | nerdy ]

today is my only day off this week, because we leave this weekend. so theyve decided to work me extra hard i suppose. nice, huh? i work tomorrow for five hours. GAY. id rather just work four. instead of staying for another 45 minute break.

i dont feel like doing any more of a real update. you know the drill...

+ my FMA shirt arrived today. which means the rest of the order [my inuyasha shirt, and my two FMA posters] should be arriving any time now. wonderful.
- ive had 4 sodas today. thats way too many. my legs dont need to get any fatter.
+ i ordered two star wars posters tonight. im lame, i know.
+ i get paid tomorrow, and this is exciting.
- my camera is dead.
+ i fancied up my myspace once again. convenient little link located at the top of my journal. witty, really.
+ family guy is on.
- im spending way too much money again.

k, thats enough for tonight. and since short entries are the in thing to do, color me trendy. goodnight folks.

my posters, you shall see. sexy, they are.Collapse )

0013 CMNT!

xposted FROM deadjournal [Monday
May 30th, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hmmph. ive realized how much i miss my deadjournal. i left it because no one ever commented and a lot of people had livejournals. now, no one comments there and im just like wtf, you people wanted me to switch, now i did, and theres no point. so fuck you all. kthx.

uhm, whats new in deadjournal land, eh folks?

at the mo, my moms giving the dog a bath, and i can hear him thumping violently because i know how much he hates, even detests water. i suppose i would hate it too, if i were a dog and didnt need to bathe, and then they forced me too? its a pity, really.

um, ive just completed my third, of three eight and a half hour days. and i only have one day off before another. lame, lame, lame. at least next time i go to work, its only for four hours at a time, and then again for six more. im getting tired of work, if truth be told.

ill like it better once ive completed training to be a cashier. i hate bagging. its the pitts. bagging, bagging, getting carts, and more bagging. i refuse to go out in the middle of summer retrieving peoples carts. i propose we put a ban on using carts until people begin leaving them in the proper place.

im tired. im gonna go watch FMA, or starwars, or some other current obsession. yano, the usual. later fags.

0010 CMNT!

eck. [Sunday
May 29th, 2005]
[ mood | sore ]

oh i havent been so glad to be home in such a long time. work was awful today. it seemed to drag on forever, and i just wanted it to be over with. i cant believe they make a PART TIME person work three 8&1/2 hour days in a row. its just not right. and i hate it. i told them today, that if they work me any earlier than four on weekdays, that im quitting for the summer. so yeah.

anyway, yesterday my fullmetal alchemist series arrived. and i was really really happy. after a while you get totally used to watching it in japanese. like at first i thought 'wow, this is gonna get on my nerves.' but then i really got used to it, and kindof even liked it BETTER than in english. whatever. im a freak, so shoot me.

my pokemon shirt came in, which made me happy. i wish the rest of my packages would arrive. last week i ordered the pokemon shirt, the FMA dvds, an inuyasha shirt, a fullmetal alchemist shirt, and a fullmetal alchemist poster for both me and my sister. im waiting on a good bit of that still. it needs to hurry up and come in.

ugh, im too tired to write. PS I SAW SAMI TODAY!!! hooray!

004 CMNT!

"to your left, we have the monkeys. no, wait, i didnt mean it cause youre... nevermind..." [Saturday
May 28th, 2005]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i didnt get a chance to really update yesterday. when i got home from busch gardens i was SO tired. i was also rather upset. the line for the sheikra was 3 HOURS LONG. so we didnt even get to go on it. but we went on every other rollercoaster there. the montu and kumba are my favorites. seriously. if you go there, GO ON THEM. leave now, and go to busch gardens.

otherwise before busch gardens, the siblings and i just hung out, watched tv, and talked or whatever. on the way to busch gardens we watched star wars. well... me and jason did, while jessica listened to my iPod. we watched it on the way back too. i cant wait to go see the third one! i know i know, everyone else has probably seen it. but hush, cause i havent.

then when i got home, my mom and i spent time just talking and watching... well... watching star wars. SHUT UP. im trying to make sure theres nothing ive missed by the time i see episode 3. i love spending time with my mom. and when were not fighting, its amazing. cause shes a really awesome person. i just wish she wouldnt be so influenced by my stepdad all the time. eh, whatever.

and now i have to go to work in two hours. i hate work. they never give me the days off that i asked for. i was assured i had today off. and i probably dont have tomorrow off either. or any days next week. i think im seriously putting in my two-week notice today. because i cant handle all the stress that comes from my job. and besides, summer is supposed to be about relaxing, not working. im still a kid! i dont need to be responsible. so yes, im quitting today. anyone have any ideas as to something that pays close to 7 dollars an hour? kthx.

meh, my cat is calling me.

0011 CMNT!

finals: day 3 [Thursday
May 26th, 2005]
[ mood | hurried ]

super quick update. no first exam; english final was easy. im leaving for work in like 10 minutes. ill work until 9 or so, then im off to the siblings' house. tomorrow is busch gardens. ill post tons of pictures and details tomorrow.

ps: i love star wars.

0019 CMNT!

finals: day 2 [and events that followed] [Wednesday
May 25th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

my band exam was SO TERRIBLY EASY today. and because i played it today, and its the same as the band exam tomorrow, i dont even have to go to school until the beginning of that exam! and lets see, artmans history final was strange, in so many ways. i got there just as the bell was ringing and im like 'vic, marcelo, lets go get food!' so we did, and ended up being over a half hour late to the exam. and if it werent for victor knowing what he was doing on the test, i would have failed.

then after school i came home, and vic and marcelo showed up around 4-ish. we basically just did what we usually do: sit around, talk, eat, mess with the computer, eat some more, etc etc. during this time marcelo and victor were karate chopping, floor humping, and we were all tickling each other. also, i wrote 'I <3 MEN' on victors neck in sharpie marker, without him knowing. and it stayed there until my mom decided to tell him that it was on there. pfft, way to go mom.

over the summer ill probably only have close contact [as in constant hanging out, etc] with about four of my friends: marcelo, vic, alie, and brandon. its so awesome having them all as like my best friends. and alie, i just love that girl so much. shes so much fun, and so awesome, and her and i can talk about anything. sorry guys: but theres somethings that we talk about, that you wouldnt want to hear. trust me. and i just love her with all my heart. that goes to vic, and marcelo, and brandon too. i love you all to death.

i also went and visited my grandparents, and talked to my sister tonight. WHICH BRINGS ME TO: im going to busch gardens friday!!! im so excited about it. i havent been there in what seems like ages. and the new ride; the shikra [spelling?] is in now, and its supposed to be one of the biggest drops. IM SO EXCITED!

it seems like things are actually going up for a change. im getting to spend time with the friends i love, im spending more time with my mom, and were doing less fighting. im weeding out the friends who drag me down in life, and surrounding myself with people who make me happy. im going to a bunch of concerts and various places around the country over summer holiday, and its going to be lots of fun. ive also become totally and completely obsessed with FMA. [note the new layout.] and im buying the entire series in less than ten minutes.

i love how things are looking up. im actually happy for a change, and excited about life. which isnt something youll hear me say too often. so thanks to those who have made me smile recently, and a big 'go to hell!' to people who have made me feel like crap. adios, and goodnight.

0012 CMNT!

finals: day 1 [Tuesday
May 24th, 2005]
[ mood | hateful ]

so today was the first of our exams. id say both of mine went okay. i got a B on my art final, and im sure i did pretty well on my liberal arts math final. neither were as difficult to do as i would have figured.

mainly i love exam days because we only go half days, from 9:00 to 12:15. its nice, actually. today though, i showed up early so marshall and i could go have breakfast at mcdonalds. i love mcdonalds and marshall too, so yano, it all works out.

then art class was going well until ashley started being a bitch. WHICH I KNOW MUST BE MY FAULT. i wrote in her memory book last week, and i always make fun of her for loving ms tidwell, so i call her a jew lover. and i drew a swastika by her name. well one of her friends apparantly crossed it out and wrote NO NO NO all over it. so i made the swastika bigger, and wrote beside it 'dont erase what i wrote or ill burn your family' or something to that effect. and she got all pissed and said that i shouldnt write that on her memory page and then crossed it all out. and im like 'youre such an asshole...' so in other words, someone can cross out what i wrote, but i cant write something else. her and her friends need to get over themselves. and then she had something stupid to say back to me, about 'blah blah blah you shouldnt write rude things in my memory book.' so i crossed out everything NICE i wrote to her the other day, hopefully to make a point. obviously she didnt get it cause she said 'that didnt solve anything.' yes it did. fuck you.

i think im totally done with having friends. its too high maintenence. and clearly if they cant accept who i am or how i think then they dont need to be my friend. ive written too much as it is, so im stopping talking about this.

and after our math final was over i got to talk and hang out with tiffani and stormi for a bit, which was nice. mainly we talked about disgusting bugs and things of the sort. and how im going to drag stormi's brother ONCE AGAIN behind a golf cart... nevermind... i guess its a 'you had to be there kindof thing.'

then i got on my bus, and went home. some idiot redneck kid decided to spill chocolate milk all over me and michael in an attempt to be an ass to the kid sitting behind us. the chocolate milk went EVERYWHERE and in my hair and stuff. i hate that kid.. i hope he chokes.

im in a violent mood, so i think to settle that, ill go eBaying for a bit. people REALLY need to stop pissing me off. hmmph.

0020 CMNT!

you were strong and you believed... [Sunday
May 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | cranky ]

the weekend was alright, i suppose. most of the time, jessica, jason and i just sat in the camper watching fullmetal alchemist. i think thats my new favorite show. who smells a new journal layout? i do!!! anyway, on saturday we all went hiking and i got some nice pictures of things. i did my best to stay away from the parents and idiot children. so i stayed with rhonda-mother and gary and the siblings. we found this awesome clearing along the trail by the rapids and we all took our shoes off and jumped on the rocks. it was so peaceful.

other than that the kids cried all the time, or fussed, or made messes... or peed themselves. this weekend reminded me how i will never ever have children. and it made my sister pledge her virginity. i found this slightly amusing. she goes 'jocelyn, we have to make a pact to never have kids and grow old together.' i laughed a lot. and agreed, because... well, because i will never have kids. and jason kept saying 'excuse me ma'am, but i skeeted on your baby.' he finds it funny because no one else there has any idea what it means. he seems to feel powerful when speaking of bodily fluids.

regardless, were home, and just got back from taking the siblings back to PC. marcelo and victor are due over any time now. ill continue talking to my lovely BF tyler, until they get here. later fags.

008 CMNT!

[im sick of making creative titles.] [Thursday
May 19th, 2005]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so excited... work has been so productive the last few days. last night i was permitted to FINALLY go back into stock to help ryan. ive wanted to stock for so long. its not permanent currently, but hopefully ill be allowed to do it a lot more. i also got paid last night. after taxes, it was STILL over $130. exciting!

i miss alie. i cant wait until next weekend. and im so friekin happy. BRANDON ISNT MOVING. he said its almost definate that he isnt. hah, and speaking of brandon, me and him snuck off into the hallway to talk and hang out, and some janitor walked in and hes like 'i didnt see anything.' brandons like 'yeah this looks wrong.' GOD NEXT SATURDAY, HURRY UP!!!

then tomorrow we leave to go to tampa. i wonder if we can go up to bush gardens while were staying there. roller coasters are my new found love. while i say im not thrilled about staying in a motorhome with three whiney kids, and my stepdad's exwife, i CAN say that ive charged my laptop, iPod and my gameboy advance. im packing loads of DVDs. im prepared.

i also cant wait to see my siblings. ill probably stay with them and rhonda while were in tampa anyway. that would be better. my mom just got in another fight with me, and said 'why dont you go LIVE with rhonda!?' it would be so awesome if she was serious.

i have to go pick up the pizza now. then ill be back. k, bye.

PS: i ordered a pokemon shirt. i win at life.

0016 CMNT!

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